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The delivery speed is fast, the product quality is particularly good, economical and affordable. After washing, it has not shrunk, and the paving is very clear. The twill surface of the fabric is not very thick. It is used in late summer and early autumn. It is a great product. I always like fuanna's bedding! The quality is good and the price is affordable. The next time you need it, it's pure cotton. It feels very comfortable and doesn't fade after washing. Fuanna home textile bed four piece set, pure cotton double bed sheet, quilt cover and pillow case. The quality is very good. The logistics of skin friendly pure cotton is also fast. Very satisfied. Also buy back color patterns: bright color, good-looking. Fabric material: very soft to touch. quality. The material is thick and soft. Touch feel: feel good. Product packaging: the packaging is intact. Very satisfied. The picture shows a four piece set, and the hair is indeed a three piece set, misleading consumption

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